Cowboys HC Jason Garret is a die hard Bruce Springsteen fan

Tuesday was a rough day for the Dallas Cowboys and head coach Jason Garrett. The team's top cornerback Orlando Scandrick collided with a teammate in practice and went down with a torn ACL. Garrett didn't want to talk about that. Instead, he focused on something else close to his heart.

Garrett is the boss of the Cowboys, to an extent, but he has a ton of respect for another man who people have come to know as the boss. Garrett reflected on the 40th anniversary of Born to Run, arguably the most defining album of Bruce Springsteen's career.

"Well, first of all I think it dates us all,'' Garrett said to reporters, per David Moore of Dallas News. "But it's the iconic Bruce Springsteen album. Seen the future of rock and roll, his name is Bruce Springsteen. I think that was the album that everybody was waiting for.''

Garrett grew up down New Jerey's coastline in Monmouth Beach where his siblings first got him started on his love for Springsteen's music. Garrett told Moore that he has seen Springsteen perform live about 30 times. His music has had a major impact on Garrett's life and it has meant different things to him throughout his career.

"One of the things that's interesting, people talk about music and books being alive,'' Garrett said. "I've come to understand that because his songs mean different things to me over the last 40 years.

"When you're a 15-year-old kid listening to it, it means something to you. Then at different stages of your life it means different things to you. So he's certainly been someone who's been a part of my life for a long time."

Garrett is not one of those fans who can't pick a favorite song from his favorite album. Born to Run has its fair share of hits, but one songs stands out to Garrett above the others.

"Now, you can make great arguments for other ones, but it's "Born to Run". I've never written a song, but I imagine there are thousands of decisions you make when you're writing a song. I feel like the stars aligned at every point where he could make a decision, he seemed to make the right ones musically and with words and to me, created a masterpiece.''

Garrett's added that there was no song that came close for him. "Thunder Road" and "Backstreets" believers would have something to argue about if they encountered Garrett, but it doesn't sound like he's changing his mind any time soon. Through his interaction with Moore, Garrett was able to escape his reality through Springsteen again, but soon he will need to shift his focus. The Cowboys need to figure out how to replace what Scandrick brought to the secondary.

(h/t Dallas News)