Cowboys fan LeBron James salutes two Giants receivers on Instagram

LeBron James is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, but he's still rooting for a couple NFC East rivals to succeed this season. LeBron, who was first-team All-State wide receiver in Ohio at St. Vincent-St. Mary, shared some training camp footage of New York's Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz, who missed the entire 2015 season with a calf injury.

"The face u make when u make when you've been working your tail off to get back from adversity/setbacks, injuries, etc etc and u make your return to the practice field (full go) with your squad! Man I'm proud of you bro, more than u think. Continue to push forward and care nothing about the naysayers. Use it for motivation!"

James explained that he wants Cruz and Beckham Jr. to dominate ... except when they're playing Dallas.

"#YesMyBrosPlayForTheGiants #IWantThemToKillEverySundayMondayThursdayGame #AsLongAsTheCowboysWin"