If Conor McGregor lands his proposed fight with Floyd Mayweather later this year, the UFC lightweight champion will step into the boxing match as a massive underdog.

Oddsmakers have already placed McGregor somewhere around a 20-to-1 underdog against Mayweather, who is arguably one of the best boxers of all time.

Artem Lobov, who fights this Saturday night against Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night in Nashville, is not only one of McGregor's teammate but he's also been the Irishman's main sparring partner throughout his fighting career.

While Lobov doesn't come from a boxing background, he's felt the sting of McGregor's punches for several years and he knows it only takes one punch to connect before Mayweather is limping away from the fight with the first loss on his professional record.

"Obviously, we've been looking on the horizon and we will bring in some partners as well to imitate Floyd's style but I will for sure be there," Lobov told FOX Sports. "If you look back for the fight with Jose Aldo, I was the sparring partner. How did that go? 13 seconds. Eddie Alvarez, I was the sparring partner for that. How did that go? Most of his fights, I've been the main sparring partner. Except the [Nate] Diaz fight, that's the only time I wasn't the main sparring partner. Every other fight, I've been his main sparring partner and many times his only sparring partner.

"So I look forward to helping him achieve another height. I look forward to that fight being signed and being made and him proving everybody wrong and proving me right once again."

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images/Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC

McGregor has promised to shock the world assuming he's able to come to an agreement to meet Mayweather in a boxing match later this year.

Of course, Lobov will always have McGregor's back but he truly believes that this is just one instance where the world is counting him out and that's when "The Notorious" shines the most.

"He's going to show what I already know he's going to stop Floyd," Lobov predicted. "Floyd has never been stopped before. Floyd has never lost before. Well, it's all about to change."

Lobov takes it one step further by not only saying that McGregor will stop Mayweather inside the distance, but he doesn't expect the former multi-weight class boxing champion to even make it all that deep into the fight.

"I don't see Floyd getting out of six rounds. He'll make it six rounds based on his experience in the ring and his technique, but I believe by the end of six it will be all over," Lobov said.

"I probably would have even said earlier but I might be buying into that whole Floyd Maywether, the best boxer of all time thing, so that's why I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying he'll make it to the sixth [round]."

Lobov knows his prediction will be met with derision because he's obviously biased for his teammate, but he's being vocal now so when McGregor defeats Mayweather no one can say he didn't warn them.

"Trust me, everyone is going to be surprised when they see what happens in that ring," Lobov said. "It's going to be something spectacular."


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