The Miami Marlin are being sued for damages by a corporation that says it won a bid to buy the team at an auction more than four years ago.

In a complaint filed in 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, Omeranz & Landsma Corporation seeks judgement against the Major League Baseball team "for damages and for such other and further relief" as the court sees fit.

The filing claims Marlins president David Samson, serving as auctioneer at an event on February 8, 2008, put the team up for auction and opened the bidding at $10 million.

According to the complaint, Omeranz & Landsman placed the only bid and Samson accepted the $10 million offer for the then-Florida Marlins.

"As a result, a binding contract was created," the complaint says.

Omeranz & Landsman argue the Marlins violated terms of the bidding contract by not completing the sale.

An email to a Marlins spokesman was not immediately returned Wednesday afternoon.