Colombia's biggest feat at World Cup is making fans forget about injured star Radamel Falcao

After 12 days of competition, Colombia has already achieved more than it could ever have imagined at the World Cup in Brazil.

They've reached the second round with a game to spare, won two matches at the tournament for the first time, and played with a vigor that has made the team one of the most exciting to watch in Brazil.

The Colombians can even lay claim to having possibly the loudest and most colorful supporters in the World Cup.

The biggest compliment that can be given to Jose Pekerman's side, however, is that Colombia fans — after nearly five months of mourning — have finally gotten over the absence of injured star striker Radamel Falcao.

Coach Jose Pekerman says "everyone who knows football knows Falcao. For Colombia, he has been very important but ... the players have reacted in a positive way."