Cologne, Mainz postponed after ref attempts suicide

Cologne's scheduled home fixture Saturday against Mainz was postponed after the referee attempted suicide, according to numerous reports.

Germany's Bild reported referee Babak Rafati was found in a Cologne hotel with slashed wrists, but Cologne executive Claus Hortsmann said "I know that he is alive."

The Bundesliga earlier reported the game was called off because, "The referee, Babak Rafati, did not show up and it was impossible to find a replacement at short notice," according to Cologne spokesman Tobias Schmidt.

But Bild, and others, have reported that "there was an operation in the hotel due to the presence of an injured man," according to Cologne spokesman Carsten Moellers. More information surfaced later, and it is believed Rafati attempted suicide.

Cologne learned of the incident less than two hours before the game was set to kick off, and no suitable replacement referee could be found on short notice. No makeup date has been announced.