The Los Angeles Clippers are adding sleeves to a new alternate uniform.

The blue short-sleeve uniforms will be worn for Sunday home games throughout the season. They'll debut on Oct. 19 in a preseason game against Denver in Las Vegas.

The uniform features a light blue color for the first time since the team played in San Diego in 1985. The color dates back to the team's origins as the Buffalo Braves in the 1970s.

In a nod to Southern California's water culture, the shorts feature three nautical flags that represent the team's initials — LAC. Designed by Adidas, the uniforms are part of the NBA Pride Uniform Collection that gives teams details and colors indigenous to their region or history.

Some of the Clippers wore the new uniforms at media day on Monday, including guard Jared Dudley.

"I don't like the sleeves for shooters," he said.

Center Byron Mullens added, "If we have a bad shooting night we can blame them."