Cleveland fans square off over spilled beer after Lindor HR

Baseball is known for its bevy of "unwritten rules," but attending a baseball game comes with its own set of unwritten rules.

For instance, when going for a home run ball, be prepared to do anything to get the ball, and conversely, be prepared for anything to happen to you. Another, and perhaps more sacred: If you knock over someone's beer, you buy them a new one.

On Wednesday night at Progressive Field in Cleveland, those two rules came to a head when, during the Indians' 5-1 win over the Royals, one fan scrambling for a first-inning Francisco Lindor home run ball knocked over another fan's beer in the left-field stands.

The guy who knocked over the beer got the ball; the guy who ended up with no ball and a spilt beer was none too pleased. But, as you can see in the video above and here, it appears the guy who got the ball doesn't adhere to those unwritten rules as, instead of replacing the guy's beer, he got in his face.

The situation got so tense, one guy's buddy had to intervene. With passion like that, maybe the Browns should give these guys a shot.