Chiefs' Zach Fulton makes most of first start at center

Zach Fulton had just one goal in his debut at center -- don't screw up.

It was easier said than done for the converted guard, who found out he'd be snapping on the Chiefs' first-team this week.

"As long as the play kept going, I knew I did a good job," Fulton told Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star. "Overall, I think it went pretty well."

He's not wrong in that regard. Fulton was right on-time with his snaps, received no penalty calls, and got out in front of a few big Chiefs runs.

Head coach Andy Reid should notice Fulton's power when he looks back at the film. The 6-foot-5, 316-pounder tallied his first-ever snap, then immediately cleared out a Rams defender for a big run play.

"I just wanted to play him a half, period, so I wanted to see him at center and get him some work and get him out of there," Reid said.

The Chiefs might have three starting center candidates now. The team rotated incumbent Eric Kush and rookie Mitch Morse until the oversized Fulton stepped in.

Fulton expected a bit of a transition when he slid over from right guard. He ended up looking like a natural.

"It's not too much of a difference," Fulton said. "Certain schemes and plays I have to do different things, obviously. But it was neat doing something different."

(h/t Kansas City Star)