Carmelo Anthonys tenure with the New York Knicks could come to an end this offseason but only if hewaives his no-trade clause. Its a scenario that appears to be growing more likelyby the day as the turmoil with the Knicks continues to weigh on the 32-year-old All-Star.

Anthony told ESPN that its become hard to trust team president Phil Jackson after his veiled criticism of the 12-time All-Star. Could it be enough of a rift that might ultimately lead Anthony to say goodbye to the franchise he forced a trade to in 2011?

Anthony made it quite clear that he wants to stay in New York but only if the franchise is in a win-now mindset. The Knicks, coming off a 31-51 campaign, reportedly picked up a two-year option for Jackson, who has seen the franchise go 80-166 in his three full seasons as team president.

The Knicks have a young centerpiece to build around in Kristaps Porzingis, but key questions remain on the rest of the roster. Derrick Rose, who recently had knee surgery, will become a free agent this summer and Joakim Noah reportedly will have shoulder surgery and also has to serve the remainder of his 20-game suspension next season.


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