Canadian robbery nets more than $100,000 worth of hockey sticks

In what might possibly be most Canadian heist of all-time, a couple of thieves hauled away approximately $150,000 (CAD) worth of hockey sticks after rappelling into a Montreal store this week.

It would only have been more Canadian had they left behind an apology note written on a Tim Hortons napkin.

CTV reports that a man rappelled in through the roof of the MonkeySports hockey store in Montreal before stealing approximately 500 high-end hockey sticks with the help of an accomplice.

The sticks sell for around $300 apiece.

Say what you want about their morals, but it's clear that these thieves came prepared. Not only did they manage to enter through the roof, but they also brought along the necessary equipment to tie bunches of sticks together before transporting them in a getaway van. Maximum efficiency.

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