A college basketball player in Canada was approved by his team to proudly wear his last name on the back of his jersey: F---.

Guilherme Carbagiale Fuck, a Brazilian-born 6 foot, 6 inch forward who plays for Medicine Hat College in Alberta, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that his name is of German origins and means "fox," and pronounced, "foo-key."

But it is easy to see where there can be some confusion.

F---, who wears No. 14, was unable to use the last name for years. As the CBC put it, he "has been asked by his coaches to, literally, drop the f-bomb." He would go by his middle name.  But in the March Canadian tournament, where his team finished in seventh place, he was allowed to use his last name.

"It's my last name," he told the CBC. "I'm proud of it."

His coach told The Post that he has to explain the name ad nauseam to reporters mispronouncing the name or questioning whether or not the name is a typo.

But F--- said he hopes to continue using the name and he wants to have kids and "spread the F--- last name."