Last week, the NCAA announced that it was going to start easing up on the punishment it handed out to the Penn State football program in the wake of the horrible Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.

The punishments were severe, but the announcement that the NCAA intended to roll back sparked up another round of head-shaking over the NCAA's standards -- including from us .

The USC Trojans -- only guilty of having a player receive a lot of extra financial benefits -- petitioned the NCAA for similar lenience in the wake of the Penn State news. It was rejected , of course, and another round of head-shaking began.

Just how inconsistent is the NCAA? Take a look at this graphic of scandals -- some of them major, others minor -- and see if you can identify which significant punishment corresponds to which school. We'll reveal the answers below the graphic on Friday.

Again, come back Friday for the answers. Until then, type them in the comments section and challenge your friends.