Buzz: Rap ambassadors for everyone

The Toronto Raptors on Monday announced that rapper Drake would be joining the team as a global ambassador.

A Toronto native, Drake will bring a sense of swag to the Raptors that has been missing for quite some time, and in the process, he'll also help redesign their uniforms -- though, if he really had any sense about him, he'd be looking to change the name altogether.

Regardless, I think it's a swell idea -- akin to the Nets' former partnership with Jay-Z -- and it's a lead other NBA teams should follow. But the task of deciding which rapper should serve as each team's ambassador is a challenge, and teams have things like training camp to worry about right now.

Fortunately, I'm here to help with a suggestion for which rapper would make the ambassador for each team in the league:


Miami Heat: Flo Rida gets the nod, narrowly beating out Rick Ross and Uncle Luke, but don't think we won't change our minds in a heartbeat if his posse keeps getting kicked out of games:

Brooklyn Nets: Jay-Z

New York Knicks: Nas

Indiana Pacers: Mike Epps, who is already cool with George Hill:

Chicago Bulls: Kanye West

Atlanta Hawks: Outkast

Boston Celtics: Marky Mark:

Milwaukee Bucks: Coo Coo Cal

Philadelphia 76ers: The Roots

Toronto Raptors: Drake

Detroit Pistons: Eminem, but be careful how often you let him in front of a TV camera:

Washington Wizards: Wale

Cleveland Cavaliers: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Charlotte Bobcats: Petey Pablo, but keep your shirt on, please.

Orlando Magic: Dangeruss, the inspiration behind James Franco's character in Spring Breakers:

#DANGERUSS AND #JAMESFRANCO ON DA SET OF #SPRINGBREAKERS @JamesFrancoTV @SpringBreakers_ @springbreakers @ComplexMag


Oklahoma City Thunder: Josh Sallee, who already has Kevin Durant's vote:

Los Angeles Clippers: Kendrick Lamar

Memphis Grizzlies: Three 6 Mafia

San Antonio Spurs: Tony Parker. He's going to need something to go back to once his hoops career is over:

Golden State Warriors: Digital Underground

Los Angeles Lakers: Ice Cube, who was not a fan at all of Dwight Howard leaving this offseason. Plus, with him in the front office, every day will be a good day.

Denver Nuggets: Peyton Manning:

Dallas Mavericks: Cowboy Troy

Houston Rockets: Slim Thug, who already seems to fancy himself a great NBA ambassador for the city

Utah Jazz: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir? DJ Jazzy Jeff? OK, fine, Delirious Miles:

Portland Trail Blazers: Macklemore, but he goes straight to the Sonics once they return to Seattle

Minnesota Timberwolves: Atmosphere

Phoenix Suns: Riff Raff. The guy drops Dan Majerle references into his songs, I don't know what more you could ask:

New Orleans Pelicans: Lil' Wayne

Sacramento Kings: Shaq

Got a better suggestion? Leave it in the comments.

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