Buffalo police are investigating the death of a former college basketball player who may have suffered internal injuries from an alleged hazing incident.

Bradley D'Oyley, 21, of Brooklyn, died Thursday at Buffalo General Medical Center, after having come down with an unexplained illness late last month. The senior apparently was pledging for a fraternity at Buffalo State College at the time he became ill.

Family and friends told The New York Daily News that D'Oyley had been made to drink something toxic after pledging to a fraternity and had been sick for several weeks.

"He was throwing up blood," said Michael Panton, after speaking to the student's mother about two weeks ago. "They had to take him into surgery and cut open his stomach. She asked us to keep him in our prayers."

Students also told The Buffalo News there were reports D'Oyley, who had played point guard for the Bengals but left the team last year, might have been given a drink that caused his illness. Police have not confirmed that report.

"I was in the weight room and heard he was pledging and was made to drink some type of toxic substance. I keep hearing different stories. First it was detergent, then some said sewer water," football player Dametrius Brown told the Buffalo paper.

An autopsy has been completed but the cause of death has not yet been determined.

College officials suspended the charter of the Delta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha as a result of the police investigation. Alpha Phi Alpha's national office released a statement saying that fraternity officials were aware of the incident.

D'Oyley, scheduled to graduate thie spring, had gone to the hospital last month after complaining of not feeling well. He was discharged and subsequently re-admitted.

"He thought it might have been something bad he ate," Buffalo State coach Fajri Ansari said. "He had a great spirit. We still considered him part of our family. He was a great teammate."

A moment of silence in D'Oyley's memory was held at Friday's basketball game against SUNY New