Buffalo man purchases incredibly bizarre piece of memorabilia

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I didn't know whether to file this to the NFL or NHL section for reasons that may be obvious already.

Here's the complete piece of material (it looks like a towel or a rug, unless that's a mystery too):

Buffalo fans are a resilient and proud bunch, and I'm told by one Bills and Sabres die-hard that this product is a source of laughter, not bitter sadness. "I love everything about it" the fan said.

The hilarious mash-up of leagues and trophies at least has a probable lost-in-translation explanation.

Back in December 2014, a Lululemon store in Buffalo thought (or didn't think) that referencing two of the most heartbreaking moments in Bills and Sabres history would make for a swell floor store mat:

That didn't go over well but this masterful SabreBills Lombardi Cup thingy? Pretty great.