John Elway dropped by the fourth installment of HBO's 'Hard Knocks' for an impromptu cameo.

The Broncos' general manager was all business. He wanted to trade tackle Chris Clark to Houston and had an interesting back-and-forth with their general manager, Rick Smith.

Here's the high-drama transcript, courtesy of The Denver Post:

SMITH: "I looked at that deal last night. I want to do it, I just have a hard time giving up a pick -- even though it's out there -- I have a hard time giving up a pick for a guy that's going into the last year of his deal. You're good inside linebacker -- you like what you got?"

ELWAY: "Yeah, I'd do the player for player, but you know what, we're in good shape. … But I'm actually trying to move one or two there, too. I'm in a battle for the 52 right now, you know? Who's going to make that 53?

SMITH: "I think it makes sense if we're going to do it to do it. The quicker I can get him into our building and in the program, the better off we're going to be.

ELWAY: "We can make it happen fast."

Elway and Smith both brought up the linebacker position. The two might've had a player-for-player deal that would send an inside 'backer to Denver, or Elway might've been trying to up his compensation by moving a guy, too.

Instead, they settled on a conditional seventh-round pick -- and showed viewers at home just what goes on behind the scenes with NFL personnel.

(h/t Denver Post)