Hoo boy.

What's a big key to a successful marriage? Communication. One Denver Broncos fan seems to have forgotten about that.

Affable-looking fellow Justin Kerrigan is in the Bay Area for Sunday's Super Bowl 50. He was being interviewed by a local news station when he revealed that he was in line to spend $30,000 for his trip to the game. And $21,000 were spent just on four tickets. Wow.

The kicker? He didn't tell his wife how much he was spending.

Sorry, buddy. There's a good chance she's going to find out. That just goes to show: Don't try to pull any shady stuff. Chances are, even if you don't give yourself away, you could fall victim to an inquisitive television reporter.

At least the Broncos have your back:

And Justin? Maybe shell out for some flowers when you get home.

(H/T to Bleacher Report)