Brock Osweiler wants Bill O'Brien to coach him hard with the Texans

He's being paid as a franchise quarterback, but that doesn't mean Houston Texans QB Brock Osweiler wants to be coddled. Actually, it's quite the opposite.

"Today was my first experience in a practice environment with coach (Bill) O'Brien and I loved it," Osweiler said, via "I loved his energy, I loved his fire. He kept us on task and he expects a lot out of us, which as a player you love."

Osweiler, who received a $37 million guarantee with the Texans, has had limited on-field action during his first four years in the league. The former Denver Broncos quarterback has played in 21 career games, with the bulk of that action coming last year while filling in for Peyton Manning.

Osweiler knows he has a lot to learn and welcomes O'Brien's no-nonsense style.

"Sometimes he's going to get on you, which he should," Osweiler said. "I had a couple turnovers today. I'm going to (put) those up as learning experiences. I'm going to make sure they don't happen again, but I want him to be on me. I don't want that to be acceptable."

So far, Osweiler is getting some solid reviews from his new teammates. DeAndre Hopkins, who will likely be one of Osweiler's favorite targets in 2016, likes what he's seen out of the 25-year-old quarterback.

"He operates like a pro's pro," Hopkins said. "He comes out and he demands the best out of everybody, offensive line, fullbacks, even the guys that aren't even in the huddle. He's a natural leader."