Brewers MLB mock draft roundup: Will it be another outfielder?

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The 2017 Major League Baseball Draft gets underway June 12 and the Milwaukee Brewers will get one of the top players (in theory) as they own the No. 9 overall pick.

Of course, the draft is a lot more than the first round -- there are 40 rounds in all, with the Brewers also owning a competitive balance pick at No. 34 overall.

Who Milwaukee has a choice to select will, obviously, depend on which players are taken before him. But many (although hardly all) prognosticators are eyeing high school outfielder Jordon Adell for the Brewers -- although as you can see below from their comments, it comes with a lot of caveats.

There have been some changes since we last did a mock draft roundup, with some of the names previously mentioned no longer being talked about.

With the draft closing in, here's one final look at mock draft picks from analysts around the web. If we included them in our previous roundup we've also added the pick they had predicted back then.

Jim Callis of (June 9): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). "Adell has exciting tools but scares some teams with his swing-and-miss issues, so he could realistically go here or drop into the 20s. Milwaukee seems to be pursuing mainly high schoolers with him, [Austin] Beck, Georgia left-hander D.L. Hall and New Mexico southpaw Trevor Rogers." Previously: Austin Beck, OF, North Davidson HS (N.C.).

John Manuel of Baseball America (June 9): Alex Faedo, RHP, Florida. "If [North Carolina RHP J.B.] Bukauskas falls, he could settle here or at pick 11 with the White Sox." Previously: Jeren Kendall, OF, Vanderbilt.; Supplemental pick: Luis Campusano, C, Cross Creek HS.

Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News (June 9): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). "Adell isnt just a prep outfielder with crazy-good tools. Hes one heck of a person, too. I wrote about his passion for working with African-American youth at the middle school where his mom is principal."

Matt Axisa of (June 8): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). "This would make it three straight years taking an outfielder in the first round for the Milwaukee Brewers (Trent Clark in 2015, Corey Ray in 2016), though positional needs are no consideration this high in the draft. Just get the best talent available. Milwaukee has been connected to Adell, who has tremendous power potential and two-way ability, pretty much all spring."

Ryan Phillips of The Big Lead (June 7): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). "The Brewers love themselves some toolsy high school outfielders, which leads me to believe theyll go with either Beck or Jordon Adell. In this scenario I have them taking Adell, a guy theyve been linked to for weeks."

Eric Longenhagen of Fangraphs (June 5): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). "Milwaukee has a tendency to draft for ceiling, and Adell has as high of one as any bat in this class. I think theyd take [high school OF Austin] Beck if he were here."

Jeff Ellis of (June 4): Alex Faedo, RHP, Florida. "Everyone has Adell here, based on the fact that the Brewers took toolsy outfielders the last two years. My issue with that thought is that both Clark and Ray also projected to have plus hit tools, which Adell does not. I could be wrong, but I think Adell would not be likely here because of the value of on base skills. In addition, I think they as a team would not look to add another outfielder early, after adding two the last two years, plus it's a very deep high school outfielder class. Faedo has seen some rebound in his value. I think if he had been healthy all year, he would be long gone at this point." Previously: Faedo.

Perfect Game scouting staff (June 2): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). "One of the louder buzzes all spring has been the Brewers tied to toolsy prep outfielders, with Jordon Adell, Austin Beck, and even Drew Waters generating some noise at this pick. They've also been tied to college pitching, though it's a bit harder to see anyone worthy of No. 9 right now. For now, they go with Adell." Previously: Adell.

Jonathan Mayo of (June 1): Alex Faedo, RHP, Florida. "The Brewers have largely been associated with toolsy high schoolers like Beck or Jo Adell, but Faedo, Florida's Friday night starter, is in the mix as well."

Keith Law of Insider (June 1): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). "The Brewers might also get their pick of a group of players they like, including Adell, Jeren Kendall, J.B. Bukauskas and Smith." Previously: Austin Beck, OF, North Davidson HS (N.C.). (May 29): Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Ky.). Previously: Pavin Smith, 1B, Virginia.

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