Boxing judges sent home from Olympics after controversial decisions

Irish boxer Michael Conlan's profane, outraged reaction after losing by unanimous decision to Russia's Vladamir Nikitin went viral Tuesday - and just a day later, the International Boxing Association announced that the judges that were involved in disputed decisions have been sent home from Rio de Janeiro.


"Following recent judging decisions and after carrying out a thorough examination by the relevant commission, AIBA has decided to take immediate and appropriate actions.

Since the beginning of the Olympic Games, AIBA has conducted 239 bouts. The AIBA R&J commission has reviewed all decisions and determined that less than a handful of the decisions were not at the level expected and consequently it has been decided in accordance with the AIBA R&J evaluation committee that the concerned referees and judges will no longer officiate at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In accordance with AIBA rules the result of all the bouts will stand."

Conlan, who believed he had clearly beaten Nitikin, called AIBA "cheats" and said that "amateur boxing stinks from the core." He later tweeted Russian president Vladimir Putin to ask how much he paid to have the result fixed.

Conlan wasn't the only boxer to lose in a controversial decision, though. Heavyweight boxer Vassiliy Levit from Kazakhstan settled for a silver medal, and fans booed Russian fighter Evgeny Tishchenko during the medal ceremony.

Via CNN:

"I'm really upset about the reaction of the spectators. I didn't think there were any claims with regards to the officiating from the referee," Tishchenko said. "If the referee made a bad decision and the officiating was not correct, then I will be very sad for Vassiliy. I think that if the referee gave the victory to me, there was a good reason to do so."