Would fans root against their team making the playoffs? That may depend on their season ticket package.

The St. Louis Blues are giving fans half off their season tickets -- with a catch.

With its "Every Game Counts" promotion, the team is offering fans the chance to buy tickets at half price, but only if the team doesn't make the playoffs. If St. Louis makes it to the postseason, fans will have to pay the full price and a bill would be sent to fans for the remaining cost of their tickets.

It could be a money loss if the Blues struggle this year. So how confident is the team?

"We feel good about the team and we want to sell more season tickets and get more people in the building," Peter McLoughlin, CEO of St. Louis Blues Enterprises, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "We think it's a smart, creative program, and we expect people who buy into this program are going to be paying 100 percent of the cost."

On the low end, a fan could pay $450 for upper level season tickets with the remaining $450 -- for a total of $900 -- when the Blues nab a playoff spot. Lower level tickets would be as high as $945 -- or $1890 to watch the team make the playoffs.

The team is making 600 tickets available under the "Every Game Counts" plan and about 200 have been sold so far, McLoughlin told the Post-Dispatch.