Bissonette proves to be a must-follow for Heatley

Paul Bissonette has gained his fair share of followers on Twitter -- nearly 63,000 -- but who knew the Phoenix Coyotes' fourth-liner had fans on opposing teams in the NHL.

Following the Coyotes' 4-1 loss to the San Jose Sharks on Saturday, Bissonette grabbed his iPhone to let the Internet know one of the game's best players came in search of an autograph.

Bissonette tweeted: "Tough loss tonight. No joke Dany Heatley asked me for one of my sticks signed tonight. So i asked for 1 back."

The tweet included a photo of Heatley's autograph: "To Paul 'Biz-Nasty' Love Watchin' You Shoot The One-T!"

Bissonette fired off a second tweet: "I wrote 'to heater, from your favorite 4th line duster.' pretty good trade. One of my sticks for one of his? #FutureGM"

It's one thing to want the autograph of a player with a great chance at scoring 500 career goals; it's another to want the signature of a guy who is lucky to play 7 minutes in a game.

So why would Heatley want a stick signed by @BizNasty2point0?

"Over the years I've collected a lot of guys' sticks and I keep them at my summer place," Heatley told the San Jose Mercury News. "I don't know how many I have. Probably a couple hundred. Now, you might ask why I would want his stick. I find his tweeting pretty funny and the way he makes fun of his fourth-line role. He's pretty entertaining. I was on 'NHL Live!' a couple of weeks ago and he tweeted in a question. Obviously he's a character."