Bills DE Williams says texts of him mentioning 'suicide' taken out of context by ex-fiancee

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams denies ever contemplating suicide, and says private comments he made in text messages are being taken out of context by his ex-fiancee in a lawsuit over the possession of a $785,000 diamond engagement ring.

Calling himself "completely fine," Williams says he was "venting" his feelings to someone he thought he trusted.

Williams spoke after practice Monday, in his first chance to respond since Erin Marzouki's attorney released a series of texts the two exchanged in November. The texts portray Williams as being despondent over their breakup.

In one text, Williams writes: "No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts."

Williams says he wrote that out of anger. He adds the decision to release the texts reveal Marzouki's true character.