Bengals QB AJ McCarron quoted a zombie movie to help his wife during labor

Cincinnati Bengals back-up quarterback AJ McCarron had to pause his preseason workouts on May 24 for the birth of his son, Raymond Anthony McCarron III, whom the couple are calling Tripp. Like many other prospective fathers, McCarron served as his wife's labor coach during the delivery, and it sounds like the football star has some interesting motivational tricks up his sleeve.

McCarron detailed his coaching tactics in an interview with reporters in the Bengals' locker room Tuesday. Via

"She laughed him out," McCarron said. "I made her laugh, and she literally laughed twice hard and he was out. The doc was like, 'That was the easiest delivery probably I've ever been a part of.'

"She was breathing hard and the doc was like, 'You're going to be fine,' and I was like, 'Gut up.' She laughed hard twice and he was out. It was awesome."

McCarron did not think of the "Gut up" line all on his own, as he admitted he borrowed the phrase from "World War Z," a 2013 zombie movie. Most prospective fathers simply tell their wives to breathe, but considering how easily McCarron said the delivery went, perhaps more people should adopt the McCarron labor method.