One of the well-known occupational hazards of being a hockey player is loss of teeth, but rarely do you see goalies suffer from on-site dental work. After all, netminders are the only guys who wear full face masks out there.

But Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop came away from Tuesday night's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs without his two front teeth, all thanks to this shot from the Leafs' Peter Holland.

It was clear right away that Holland's shot stunned Bishop a bit and play was stopped so trainers could assist the goalie. The announcers seemed a bit perplexed as to why some of Bishop's Lightning teammates came over and were looking around the ice near the crease, but it was clear once the goalie opened his mouth. His front two teeth were gone.

Bishop stayed in the game and played the remainder of the game with a big ol' mouth window. The whole scene was pretty unfortunate for the goalie but, on the bright side, he'll fit in in the locker room just a little bit better now.

"It wasn't really super painful or anything like that," Bishop said after the game, via NHL.com. "These guys in front of me lose teeth all the time, so I guess I just wanted to be like them."

Luckily, Christmas is right around the corner, so maybe he can get those two front teeth back.