Baseball commissioner Bud Selig ruled out increased use of instant replay by umpires to review close calls during the postseason this year.

Selig said he discussed the matter with the special committee of managers, management and ownership he appointed in December.

"I brought the subject up, as I always do with everybody," Selig said at Yankee Stadium on Monday night. "I don't get the feeling that there's a lot of support for it, at least their conversations with me."

Baseball instituted video review to assist umpires late in the 2008 season, but limited its use to whether potential home runs are fair and whether the ball went over the fence.

"We're analyzing things," Selig said. "Our committee said we need to study it more, maybe have a few more months of study. But from the numbers that I heard, of the controversial tough plays, they got something like 98 percent right."

Selig said the key issue for him is the delays that video reviews cause. He said there is no support for increased use of replay on the committee — or any clamor for it from baseball executives.

"We'll continue to look at it. I'm not going to say no," he said. "Baseball is a game of pace, and there's no question it's a game of pace, and therefore one has to be very sensitive."