Barry Switzer was the man who guided the Dallas Cowboys to a victory in Super Bowl XXX. Everyone knows this.

However, most people don't know a funny story that happened the night of the big win. Switzer joined a Dallas radio station recently and shared how he was able to get out of paying a $28,000 bill.

Here it is (via SportsDay):

I remember the damn night after winning the Super Bowl; I never went to bed. We had a party in my room. Did I ever tell you that story, what happened? $28,000 bill comes to me when we get back from my one night. All my other expenses were paid for the almost two weeks we were there. But I keep getting this damn bill from the hotel. I ask (Larry) Lacewell, I said 'Lacewell, what the hell happened? I keep getting this bill for that one night after we won the Super Bowl.' And he said, 'Hey, this isn't like college. This is professional sports. You pay your own damn way. Jerry's not gonna pay for that after the party you had.'

About the third month I get the damn bill and I sucked it up and I go into Jerry's office. Before I went in, I said, 'Lacewell, how is he feeling today? Is he having a good day?' And he said, 'Yeah, it'd be a great day to talk to him about that damn bill.' If I didn't take care of this, three guys with black suits are gonna walk through that door and ask for the damn money. I went in there and sat down in front of Jerry. We started talking about several different things, about the program, football, the team, we're gonna do this, we're gonna do that. You know how enthusiastic Jerry is. All of a sudden I get around to saying, 'Jerry, you know I got this bill. In college, the bowl games they picked it up. I keep getting this bill for that party I had after the Super Bowl.'

And Jerry just sat there with that tongue-in-cheek look; you know how he does. No smile on his face. He's got this frown. He looks at me he finally says, 'Let me tell you something. I had a party that night, too. My party cost me $400,000. I had Toby Keith, Reba McEntire. Mine lasted all night, too. If your ass had showed up, it wouldn't have cost you a nickel, dime or penny.' I sat there and I took it like a grown man. A month later and no bill came. Then I realized all he cared about was scolding my ass. He made me wait three months to suck up my guts to come in there and ask him to pay this bill. He was gonna make me come on my knees, hat in had. Which I did. All he wanted to do is scold my ass; I promise you.

That Jerry Jones. What a character.