Auburn DB run over by Fournette speaks about the play

Blake Countess has to deal with being posterized for the rest of his life. The first spectacular run by Leonard Fournette against Auburn had to have one victim, Countess was just the last poor soul attempting to make a play.

Countess, a graduate transfer from Michigan, spoke publicly for the first time since becoming Fournette's roadkill.

"It is what it is," Countess said Tuesday. "It's part of the game. I'm a football player, it happens. Obviously it didn't go my way. But I can't let that play beat me for the rest of the season. I'm moving forward, we're moving forward.

"I did what I could on the play. Looking back I probably could have done some things differently. But in the moment that's how it happened, that's how it went down. that's part of football. That's part of the game. Get up and play the next play."

Think the Michigan transfer is having any second thoughts on joining the SEC right about now?

For now it's on to the next opponent, as Mississippi State comes to Auburn in a "loser leaves town" matchup in the SEC West race.

"This is really where you see what type of leadership you have on the defense and what type of leadership you have on the team," he said. "How we're going to bounce back. This game is as important as any game this season, just because of what happened last week."