Prior to the 2015 season, the phrase 'Houston Astros playoffs' elicited nothing than snickers and snark, the Internet's principal currency.

And yet, it's July 27 and the Astros enter play Monday 55-45, a game back of the Los Angeles Angels for first place in the AL West and forcing pop star Taylor Swift to change her concert schedule around.

This is the world we live in in 2015, and it goes to show just how surprising the Astros' newfound success has been.

Previously, Swift had scheduled a date on her '1989' tour to October 13 at Houston's Minute Maid Park:

That would all be fine and dandy if the Astros were last year's Astros, or the Astros of the past few seasons - but they're not, and instead they have to keep October 13 open for a potential ALDS game as a postseason team.

Thankfully, Swift and her crew were amenable to the request and changed the date of their Houston show to September 9, so Swift fans - and Astros fans, maybe - can both attend their respective events without incident once the fall season rolls around.

It's great for all parties involved that no bad blood developed out of this scheduling mishap, but then again, who could have foreseen this before the 2015 season began?

(h/t Houston Chronicle)