Astros ground crew member gets down

Cue up the Jackson 5 for this member of the Houston Astros grounds crew. Who cares if the infield doesn't get groomed? He's wasting his time working a rake, no matter how unimpressed the umpire is.

As the Jacksons would say, he's a dancin', dancin', dancin', dancin' machine, watch him get down.

As impressive as the Astros guy is, he's only the latest example of somebody boogeying down at a ballgame. The Los Angeles Lakers of the Showtime era had a fellow named Dancing Barry who would twirl around at the Forum while outfitted in a white tuxedo. And Barry was just an updated version of Dancing Harry , who had followed Earl Monroe from the Baltimore Bullets to the New York Knicks in the early 1970s and was known for his big, floppy hats and capes and for putting a "hex" on opposing players.

These days, teams employ dance troupes to perform at games, but that doesn't mean others don't share the spotlight. For example, there is this ample guy named Kevin Schroeder shaking what he's got at Columbus Blue Jackets games.

And this effusive fellow at a Boston Celtics game was so moved by "Livin' on a Prayer" that he did his own live music video up and down the aisle.

Honestly, though, that guy kind of reminded us of this:

But let's finish strong. Kate Upton wants to show you how to Dougie.