The Oakland Athletics have begun announcing some of their promotional giveaways for the upcoming 2016 season.

On Tuesday, the club lifted the curtain on what's sure to be a can't-miss giveaway for fans: a Sean Doolittle bobblehead, which will be given out on April 30.

It's his first time being honored with a bobblehead at the MLB level, but this one's even more special. As the A's revealed, the doll will have a fuzzy red beard not unlike Doolittle's own, but it will also feature him wearing a Metallica shirt - and it will play the song "For Whom the Bell Tolls", the song to which Doolittle enters a game.

Check it out:

Judging by his Twitter account (something Doolittle uses quite frequently), Sean was quite excited about the bobblehead...and he expressed that enthusiasm in the Internet's preferred currency, puns:

The constant punning led to this exchange, as others were keen to "Fight Fire With Fire" (to cite another Metallica song):

The A's right field bleacher contingent is presumably just as pumped-up about the bobblehead as anyone else - after all, they erupt into a group head-banging session whenever Doolittle jogs in from the bullpen.

Here's hoping all who want one of these musical Doolittle bobbleheads winds up getting one, lest they be stricken with "Gnome Remorse".