Goalkeeper Petr Cech can emulate what Edwin van der Sar did for Manchester United, according to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Cech, 33, joined Arsenal on a four-year deal from Chelsea in June in what could be a huge signing in the title race. Wenger compared the move to that of former Netherlands international Van der Sar, who joined United as a 34-year-old and won four Premier League titles.

"His move is a bit like Van der Sar. He went from Fulham to Man United but still had five or six years at Manchester United, so I don't see why he [Cech] shouldn't have a few more years," the Frenchman said ahead of Sunday's Community Shield clash against Chelsea.

"He's very serious, he trains well, has no big problems. He has an intimidating presence that is for sure. He makes the goals look small. That's the kind of charisma he has. He is a big size. He has a good combination between quality, agility, size, he looked like he was built for English football. I think he is a very bright goalkeeper as well."

Cech's move came years after Wenger wanted to buy the shot-stopper, having been alerted to his talents while the Czech was impressing at Rennes.

But Wenger said Chelsea had simply been too quick for its rivals.

"Before he went to Chelsea we were interested, as the guy who brought him to Chelsea is a good friend of mine," he said. "One of the guys who was the agent and he told me there was an exceptional keeper at Rennes.

"He was very young when he went to Rennes. One of my assistants, Boro Primorac, his son was a player in Rennes and he said they had a very good goalkeeper. So we knew [but] I think Chelsea were a bit quicker than us."

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