Among all the absurd things that Bret Bielema has said and done through the years, maybe the most bizarre of all is how he met his wife. As legend has it the pair actually met at a casino in Vegas while he was the head coach at Wisconsin.

The two were married shortly thereafter, but on Tuesday we got new, wildly entertaining details of the courtship between Bret and Jen.

Bielema hopped on FOX Sports Radio with Clay Travis on Tuesday morning and began the interview by confirming that, yes, the pair met at the Wynn in Vegas. Bielema saw his now-wife while he was sitting at a blackjack table, and went over to introduce himself at a bar.

So what was the pick-up line that ultimately led to wedded bliss? Travis asked Bielema on Tuesday morning, and he gave an incredible answer.

"I always say 'I have a good memory.' I don't know if I remember the opening line, but I remember the opening sequence. It was about eight years ago, I still had some game, brought some A-game. The thing I didn't do or what I do. I was with some guys with Wisconsin, one of them might have had a [Wisconsin] shirt on. I didn't. I told her I was an MBA history professor."

An MBA history professor? But wait, it gets better.

"That was my MO. My MO back in the day was, before I got too well known, I always went back as a history professor. Usually you don't talk to a lot of history professors, you know? If anybody ever caught me off-guard and asked me what I studied or what I was a history professor [in], I went with 'European religions' because I don't know if anybody really knows what that means."

Wait, what? A history professor whose focus is on "European religions?" That's insane. And incredible. It sounds like something straight out of an episode of "Seinfeld" or something. Honestly, doesn't that sound like something George Costanza would do?

As it turns out, it was a line Bielema used quite often back in his day.

"My buddy was always an astronaut, so I had to come up with something equally absurd. But I used it a lot on airplanes, in situations when you didn't want to talk to someone. If you're sitting on a plane ride and you tell someone you're a history professor in 'European religions' they usually leave you alone, but they think you're in a different stratosphere."

Of all the insane stories I've heard about Bielema --- and there are plenty --- this is by far the best.

Here's the other question: Arkansas is currently 2-0. How many wins do the Razorbacks have to get before we can start calling Bielema "The Professor?"

That might be the most intriguing question of this college football season.