Stepfan Taylor might not be the No. 1 option, but he's a guy the coaching staff and his teammates have come to trust.

When Andre Ellington went down towards the end of last season, Taylor still didn't see a huge workload with Kerwynn Williams also sharing the rock.

But he filled in with 125 yards over the last four games, including a 61-yard outing at St. Louis.

His other big game came in Week 7 at Oakland when he totaled 59 combined yards and two touchdowns.

"Stepfan's always been a steady guy," head coach Bruce Arians said, via ESPN. "Never flashy. He had a really good game over at the Raiders (last season in Week 7) and he's just a steady guy that you can count on every day."

Yet as steady as Taylor was, the Cardinals drafted David Johnson and then signed Chris Johnson to shore up their backfield depth.

Even so, Taylor remains as ready as ever.

"If you let that get in your head then your play goes down," Taylor said, via ESPN. "And he didn't have to do anything. You just pretty much moved yourself out."

(h/t ESPN)