Arenado achieves feat no Rockies player has accomplished since 2011

With his home run in Wednesday's game, Nolan Arenado reached a milestone that no Colorado Rockies player has attained in four years.

A two-run home run to dead-center in the Rockies' 9-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday brought Arenado's RBI total on the season to 100, making him the first Rockies player to achieve that feat since recently traded shortstop Troy Tulowitzki did so in 2011.

"It's great," Arenado said of reaching the milestone. "I'm very thankful, very happy, very blessed. But there are a lot of games left, so it's hard to really soak it in. I don't want to get too complacent. I want more RBIs."

Amid his mass production at the plate, teammate Carlos Gonzalez joked that Arenado should be properly addressed with a title now.

"Right now, he's Mr. Arenado," Gonzalez said. "He's got 100 RBIs. When you reach that milestone, you're not 'Arenado' anymore. You get the 'Mister' part."

With or without the title, Arenado is having a spectacular season for the Rockies.

In addition to hitting .281/.318/.561 with 33 home runs and 100 RBI, Arenado is making another Gold Glove campaign at third base.

"He's one of the building blocks," manager Walt Weiss praised of the 24-year-old infielder. "He's a complete player. He's established himself this year as an elite guy and an elite player.

"People raved about his defense for a couple of years, but we saw the offense coming little by little. He's put himself in that conversation as one of the elite players in the league."