A self-described diehard Green Bay Packers fan shared what appears to be the team's new throwback jerseys on social media this week.

The Tweet was picked up be Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin, and he, too, shared a link to the Nike website, where the throwbacks were featured but were not yet for sale. The $100 threads were teased on the site with a tag that reads, "Coming Soon." They have since been removed from the website.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reported back in March that the Packers had plans to roll out a revamped throwback uniform, so there's a good chance this is legitimate. The new jersey -- still navy blue and gold -- features much larger numbers, which should save some headaches for members of the media.

The old throwbacks did not have gold on the shoulders. There was, however, a gold circle on the center of the chest with small, blue numbers. According to the Packers' official website, these are the jerseys they wore from 1929-1930.

The new design calls back to the jerseys worn from 1937-1949. The Packers also wore them as throwbacks in 1994, in commemoration of the NFL's 75th anniversary, per Packers.com.

(h/t Twitter)