Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is dealing with detractors from all directions, but the father of the quarterback who beat him in Super Bowl 50 has his back.

Archie Manning, father of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, said he understands the pain of defeat and will not come down on Newton for the way he acted following Carolina's 24-10 loss in the Super Bowl.

Via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer:

Newton threw an interception and fumbled twice in the Super Bowl loss, so he wasn't in the best mood when he met with members of the media after the game. His answers were short and to the point, until he unexpectedly exited the press conference early. Some have labeled him a sore loser for these actions.

Archie has seen his own son, Peyton, lose the Super Bowl twice (XLIV and XLVIII). He has an intimate understanding of the emotional toll a loss of that magnitude has on a player -- particularly a star quarterback -- and that's why he's showing some empathy for Newton while everyone else is stomping on him.