Angels' Shoemaker, Santiago visit OC Fair, leave with a million stuffed animals

Just two weeks ago, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas found himself 'banned' from the Orange County Fair for winning too many prizes - seriously.

Enter Los Angeles Angels pitchers Hector Santiago and Matt Shoemaker, who apparently paid a visit to the O.C. Fair themselves over the weekend for some fun with their significant others (and, in Shoemaker's case, his small child).

As Shoemaker's wife Danielle shared to Twitter, the group had a very lucrative time at the Fair, as evidenced by their massive haul of prizes:

Those over-sized stuffed animals tend to be offered at games that are exceedingly difficult to win, such as the one requiring the player to knock milk bottles off a platform with a softball. That's usually an almost-impossible task for 'regular folk', but if you let two major-league pitchers give it a shot...this is what can happen.

Regardless which game they played to take home such an impressive haul of prizes, the feat definitely deserves a 'nice job!' all around.

(h/t Twitter)