Andy Reid isn't exactly renowned for his mastery of the game clock.

The Chiefs' head coach has always struggled with late-game management -- and those struggles popped up again last weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Case in point: The Chiefs trailed 14-9 with the ball on the outskirts of the red zone at the two-minute warning. They had two timeouts at their disposal.

Reid burned both of them, yet his offense couldn't find the time for anything but a Cairo Santos field goal. He offered a lukewarm explanation:

"You don't want to give the ball back, but at the same time you want to make sure you score,'' Reid told reporters.

That ultra-conservative approach isn't working in Kansas City. It was especially ineffective against a skilled team like Cincy.

"There were some opportunities to shoot it potentially into the end zone," he said. "It didn't work and that's not what took place. That should be plenty of time. When it works, it's a beautiful thing. And when it doesn't, it doesn't look very good.''

It didn't look very good against the Bengals.

(h/t ESPN)