The Super Bowl isn't an official American holiday, but there's nobody in the United States who believes it shouldn't be, because there's nothing our great country loves to celebrate more than football and gluttony.

Oh, and beer.

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan star in a Bug Light commercial that will run during Super Bowl 50, and their mission is simple: To save America by creating a fake political party that everyone can be proud of -- a party for beer drinkers.

The commercial's tag line begins: "America. They say we're a nation divided. They say we disagree on everything. But they're wrong. We agree on a lot. Like liberty. Justice. Three-day weekends. Funny t-shirts. Jeans. Free parking. Burritos. Sliding on hardwood floors in socks. Cat videos. And beer."

Enjoy an early peak at the commercial and whatever you do, just don't let Amy Schumer around your cell phone.