Two amateur fighters got a rude welcome to mixed martial arts on Saturday night after a takedown attempt ended with both men flying through the cage door onto the floor below.

The action was captured by UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, who was cornering one of the fighters who suffered the fall through the failed cage door before tumbling onto the ground with his opponent.

According to Lauzon, one of the fighters suffered a rib injury and was taken to the hospital as a result.

It was not unusual to see fighters go through the ropes when many promotions still used a ring instead of a cage, but faulty equipment and/or someone not actually closing the door properly could still result in disaster -- and potential serious injury.

The fight was declared a no contest for obvious reasons.

The matchup was identified by MMA.tv as James Collins versus Marty Nevis with the contest serving as the first amateur bout for both fledgling up and comers.

Hopefully, the fighter who suffered the injury is OK, but it's certainly one of the scariest moments you'll ever witness at a MMA show.