A potentially dangerous moment for the San Diego Padres brought some humor to the dugout after the dust settled.

In the Padres' game on Saturday against the Colorado Rockies, Justin Upton returned to the dugout fuming after being picked off at second base.

The slugger attempted to spike his helmet on the ground in frustration but it stuck to his hand and hit teammate Yonder Alonso in the head.

Alonso was irate after the incident, which forced him to leave the game, but he poked some fun at the moment the following day after he had cooled down.

When the Padres returned to the field on Sunday afternoon for another contest against the Rockies, Alonso suited up in full catcher's gear, adding some levity after what could have been a serious incident for the team had Alonso sustained a serious injury from Upton's accidental helmet toss.

One can never be too precautious, right?

After all, the very piece of equipment that is designed to protect a player's head was what injured Alonso's head in the first place.