The two Penn State officials facing charges in the child sex abuse scandal offered their condolences on the death of Joe Paterno on Sunday.

"Joe has been an integral part of my life for more than 35 years," said Penn State athletic director Tim Curley in a statement. "Joe coached me, mentored me, taught me what it meant to compete with integrity and honor, and above all demonstrated with each day that he lived, the power of humility."

Retired vice president Gary Schultz called working with Paterno for many years a "sincere honor and distinct pleasure."

"No one loved Penn State more than Joe. We will all miss him," he said.

Schultz and Curley await trial after pleading not guilty to charges of perjury and failing to report to authorities sex abuse allegations against a longtime assistant coach in 2002.

Curley is on administrative leave, while Schultz, whose department oversaw campus police, returned to retirement.