Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers plans to talk to teammate Charles Woodson on Friday at a charity event about preparing offseason workouts for the Green Bay Packers while the NFL lockout closes in on a third month.

"We're going to put something together here because it looks like it's going to go a little bit longer, so it's going to be important for us to get together," Rodgers told Fox Sports Wisconsin on Thursday night.

Rodgers didn't give any additional details of the potential dates or locations of the workouts.

He was in Milwaukee to throw out the first pitch at Miller Park before the Brewers took on the New York Mets. He wore a No. 12 Brewers jersey and toss a perfect pitch to good friend, Ryan Braun.

Rodgers declined to speak to reporters before the game, but joined the televised broadcast in the top of the fourth inning where he talked mostly about the Brewers and Wisconsin sports. He answered a few questions on the unresolved labor dispute, and said it's time for the Packers players to organize their own workouts soon.

"If this lockout persists, we're going to get together. Guys have gotten some great work individually, some have gotten together in groups of two or three," Rodgers said. "There's a lot of guys kind of in the same area working out, but at some point we're going to have to get together."

Rodgers said he'd definitely be involved in any activity planned and he'll get a chance to talk with his teammates in person next Thursday when the Packers will receive their Super Bowl rings in a private ceremony.

The Packers have received permission from the NFL to hold the ceremony despite the lockout that began on March 12.

Rodgers said he's optimistic about the Packers' future that general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy have built — whenever the season begins.

"I think we're just reloading. We're bringing guys back off the injured reserve list, I like our draft. Ted Thompson has proven he's able to draft a lot of talented guys," Rodgers said. "You look at our roster, the majority of them were drafted by him and brought up in Coach McCarthy's system and playing big roles for us."

Rodgers said he has spent the offseason working out and playing golf when he can during his time at home in California.

The organization decided to hold a private ring ceremony following a public celebration two days after their Super Bowl victory this year over the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25. Green Bay also plans to have another event when the Packers host the New Orleans Saints in the regular-season opener Sept. 8.