Procter & Gamble's Olympics marketing campaign is going full force with opening ceremonies in London just two weeks away. Here's a look at the Olympic-themed taglines on some of the company's different brand campaigns.

P&G's overall theme: "Proud sponsor of moms"

Brand taglines:

Bounty: "Let the spills begin"

Crest/Oral B toothcare: "Life opens up with a winning smile"

Cover Girl makeup: "I am strong, I am beautiful. I am Cover Girl."

Duracell batteries: "Rely on copper to go for the gold"

Gilette razors: "A great start"

Head and Shoulders: "Wash out flakes. Wash in confidence."

Tide/Ariel laundry detergent: "Proud keeper of your country's colors"

Pampers diapers: "Celebrating babies' unique spirit of play"

Pantene shampoo: "Keep shining"