TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed by Miami Heat star Chris Bosh after his in-house masseuse collapsed last week ... and later died.

Chris makes the call, begging the operator to send an ambulance -- claiming his masseuse was fading in and out of consciousness ... and turning pale white.

Chris' wife Adrienne later takes the phone, saying, "She can't breathe. Something weird's going on. Oh my God."

As we previously reported, the South Florida masseuse went to Bosh's Miami home to tend to his abdominal injury. She appeared to be in good spirits -- then suddenly collapsed. That's when Bosh called 911.

The masseuse was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died.

A Miami Beach police spokeswoman said the department will conduct its standard death investigation -- but there were no signs of foul play. A cause of death hasn't been released.