Ah, the NASCAR tattoo. The most unsubtle and proud flag you can fly as both a sports fan and human being.

You do not have to ask if someone has a NASCAR tattoo, because they will show it to you, your friends and everyone else driving A1A toward Daytona International Speedway long before you can bring it up.

That being said, the following is some of the most incredible and/or insane NASCAR ink ever put to skin. They're beautiful, upsetting and awe-inspiring all in one. And that alone is an accomplishment.

25. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

24. Kyle Busch

23. Tony Stewart

22. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

21. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

20. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

19. Jeff Gordon

18. Daytona 500

17. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

16. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

15. Kyle Busch

14. Kyle Busch

13. Jeff Gordon

12. Matt Kenseth

11. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

10. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

9. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

8. Jeff Gordon

7. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

6. Jeff Gordon

5. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

4. Mike Wallace

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

2. Jeff Gordon

1. Richard Petty & Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Dan is on Twitter. He's thinking about getting wraparound "3" Earnhardt shirt tattooed to his rib cage. Mom would love it.