2012 NASCAR Chase Predictions: Ranking The Playoff Drivers From 1-12

More often than not, predictions can make a person look foolish.

No one can tell the future – even the experts – and so forecasting it is a risky proposition. In fact, it's kind of like gambling: You'll lose most of the time, but the chance to win is so tempting that people keep doing it.

That chance to say, "I knew it!" or "I told you so!" is apparently irresistible it to most people – including our SB Nation NASCAR contributors – which is why we put together our 2012 Chase predictions just in case one of us is right.

Here's how we think the Chase drivers will finish:

Jeff Gluck Jordan Bianchi Matt Weaver
1 Johnson Hamlin Keselowski
2 Hamlin Johnson Johnson
3 Biffle Gordon Gordon
4 Keselowski Keselowski Stewart
5 Gordon Biffle Earnhardt Jr.
6 Kenseth Stewart Hamlin
7 Kahne Earnhardt Jr. Kenseth
8 Earnhardt Jr. Kenseth Biffle
9 Stewart Bowyer Bowyer
10 Bowyer Harvick Kahne
11 Truex Jr. Kahne Harvick
12 Harvick Truex Jr. Truex Jr.

A few highlights:

• All three of us picked Jimmie Johnson to at least finish in the top two.

• Tony Stewart (fourth, sixth, ninth) and Greg Biffle (third, fifth, eighth) had the biggest discrepancy between picks.

• Despite being the last driver into the field, all three of us picked Jeff Gordon to finish in the top five.

• Neither Michael Waltrip Racing driver (Martin Truex Jr. or Clint Bowyer) was ranked higher than ninth.

And here are a few bonus predictions thrown in for fun:

How many races will be won by non-Chase drivers?

• Gluck: 2

• Bianchi: 3

• Weaver: 2

How many drivers will be mathematically eligible to win the title entering Homestead?

• Gluck: 2

• Bianchi: 3

• Weaver: 4

How many points will the champion win by?

• Gluck: 32

• Bianchi: 12

• Weaver: 8

How many races will the champion win during the Chase?

• Gluck: 4

• Bianchi: 3

• Weaver: 3

Who will finish 13th in points?

• Gluck: Carl Edwards

• Bianchi: Kyle Busch

• Weaver: Ryan Newman