A weekend of huge upsets paid off for those who had a little faith in the underdog.

If you went across the board and took both UFC 196 upsets -- Nate Diaz over Conor McGregor and Miesha Tate over Holly Holm -- plus the shocker of the Los Angeles Lakers knocking off the Golden State Warriors, you clearly can see the future. And for a $100 bet on your fortune-telling, you'd have won enough to buy a fairly nice full-sized car:

That's quite a bit of money, for sure -- a more than 300-to-1 return on your investment -- but it kind of feels like it should be more, right? Just judging by the emotional shock of all three of those upsets coming in a 24-hour span, we're surprised the math doesn't add up to a bigger payday.

Of course, one Twitter user had an idea for how to let the money ride:

Too soon, friend. Too soon.